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Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Brian J. Smith Interview

At GateWorld:

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Leader In Training


by Chad Colvin
Thursday - July 1, 2010

Now well into his second year of filming, Stargate Universe actor Brian J. Smith has brought a definite sense of passion and intensity to his character, Lt. Matthew Scott. He’s a leader in training, a young officer who is called upon to protect the crew of the Destiny and to serve as an example of the best that the ship’s military contingent can be — even (and especially) in the midst of crisis.

GateWorld recently chatted with Brian at the official Stargate convention in Vancouver, hosted by Creation Entertainment. We discussed such topics as fandom and Internet anonymity, Matt’s relationship with Chloe, his character’s potential for growth, and the climactic SGU season ender.

Season Two of SGU is now filming and will premiere this October! Season 1.0 is available on DVD and Blu-ray, and Season 1.5 arrives in July.


A brief excerpt:

GW: His loyalties are never divided; he’s clearly on Young’s side. But he’s still willing to give that certain amount of whatever to Rush in order — because he feels like Rush is the key to getting home.
BS: Scott is an emotional leader. I think his leadership style is much more emotional, so he’s much more bound to be loyal. He may also be more impulsive in a way, tend to get a little more hot-headed.
Scott comes upon the element his crew needs to survive.

But he’s learning. And even seeing where they’re taking him in the second season is really, really exciting, because there’s some qualities that are coming out in him that I really, really like and I’m glad to see explored. Because right now, him and Greer — they get the dirty work done for Young. Young makes the decision and Scott and Greer [execute it], along with the rest of the military personnel. It’s like Young is the director and Greer and Scott are the assistant directors. We’re the ones that go out and try to make the vision a reality.

So it’s going to be interesting to see if Scott gets to a place where decisions that he makes start to affect storylines, and if he’s able to change the course of an episode or how things turn out. That’ll be exciting to see...

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