Monday, August 2, 2010

Sanctuary - Show Patrol: Amanda Tapping Video Interview

Courtesy of Chicago Now's Show Patrol (Chicago, IL):

SDCC 2010 exclusive: Amanda Tapping previews 'Sanctuary' Season 3

by Curt Wagner on 07.27.10

Helen Magnus, Will Zimmerman, Henry Foss, Kate Freelander and the Big Guy will go on an "epic journey" in Season 3 of "Sanctuary."

Epic is really the only way the Syfy series can go after the extraordinary cliffhanger that ended Season 2: Big Bertha set off a series of giant tidal waves that could flood the world.

"It's quite mysterious actually what happens," producer-star and sometimes director Amanda Tapping told me at San Diego Comic Con, saying they will take some time to figure out the situation, "because we don't actually understand what happened."

The resolution of the Big Bertha fallout is only one of a few major story arcs this season, which consists of 20 episodes instead of just 13 like the first two seasons. It's an epic season indeed for the groundbreaking series.

Tapping and I sat down for a chat after the "Sanctuary" panel where a funny Season 2 recap/Season 3 preview was presented, and it was also announced that Polly Walker from "Caprica" will guest star on "Sanctuary."

Enjoy the two-part interview with Tapping and the preview, and watch for my exclusive interviews with Robin Dunne and Ryan Robbins.

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