Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jared Padalecki - Supernatural - The Bod Squad Photo

From the June 30 - July 13th issue of the print TV Guide (US), page 32:

There's a reason Jared Padalecki dubs himself the trash compactor. The 6-foot-4 Supernatural hottie devours barbecue, ice cream, cookies and burgers in an effort to put on pounds.

"I do not at all watch what I eat, I refuse," says Padaleck, 25. "I eat a bunch of junk, and I always try to make sure I'm having enough protein -- otherwise I'll lose weight."

On a typical day, he'll wake up with a protein shake, get a brisket sandwich on his way to work and eat white-chocolate-chip-macadamia-nut cookies on set. And that's before his lunch of meat, Caesar salad, fruit and ice cream. To maintain his muscles, the once skinny, runty kid now pumps iron four to five days a week, bulking up with free weights, a bench press, pull-ups and push-ups. For cardio, he jogs outside with his two rescue dogs.

"My ideal day is: work out, play with my dogs, read and go to a steak house and have a big fat steak and wine," he says. "I really to make sure I eat and eat and eat."

Uh, yeah. We have that problem too.

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