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Stargate: Continuum - Stargate Magazine Issue # 23

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Stargate Heaven

As the release of Stargate: Continuum gets ever nearer, The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine begins its dedicated coverage of the much-anticipated DVD movie. Check out this page for sneak peeks of what to expect from the new issue, including cast and crew interviews, concept art, and more!

Stargate: Continuum preview

Following a special preview of Stargate: Continuum in Vancouver this spring, the editors of GateWorld.net, Darren Sumner and David Read, review the new movie in this issue. Get the lowdown on the story, and find out what these die-hard fans thought. The future is bright, believe us!

Issue Spotlight


The Official Stargate SG1/Atlantis Magazine takes an exclusive sneak peek at the incredible visual dimension of Stargate: Continuum. In the new issue, production designer James Robbins opens his sketchbook to reveal original concept art from the movie.


Cast Interviews

In this issue of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine, key cast members lift the lid on Stargate: Continuum. Ben Browder tells us why his character Cameron Mitchell isn’t getting an ass-kicking (this time!), Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) reveals all about the Arctic adventure of a lifetime, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) talks losing a leg and hanging with the National Guard, and the boss-man himself, Don Davis (General George Hammond), tells us about playing the character that changed his career.

Deep Freeze Director – Martin Wood

Martin Wood talks submarines, big budgets, and working with a chilled out cast on Stargate: Continuum: “The first day we were up there, it was minus 56. We got off the plane and realized this is what we were up against. On the way there, we were reading “How to Survive in the Arctic.” Besides the weather, it was really logistics. It was a director, producer, and first AD kind of job where every day you have to figure out what you are going to do – who goes in the helicopter right now, and when is the submarine coming?”

Playing for Time

Time travel was first introduced to Stargate SG-1 in the episode 1969, and since then has featured regularly in the team’s adventures. These jaunts through the space-time continuum make for entertaining stories, but are they based on science fact or are they pure science fiction? In the new issue of The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine, get to grips with the “grandfather paradox” and the “multi-universe theory”, and delve into the history of time travel on the shows.


Ba’al is back!

The actor behind Ba-al, Cliff Simon, talks villainy, going toe-to-toe with Jack O’Neill and his favorite boots…

Exclusive Fiction

Post Mortem: McKay, Sheppard and Weir come to terms with Carson Beckett’s death in Karen Miller’s short story.

Toy Town

Diamond Select Toys unveil their latest Stargate creations at the American International Toy Fair in NYC.

Come Dine With Me

News and photos from the recent annual GateWorld Dinner at the Creation Convention in Vancouver.

Big Finish

Big Finish
producer Sharon Gosling spills the beans on Stargate audio dramas.

Poster Exclusive

Get your bedroom wall fix with a Stargate: Continuum pull-out – exclusive to the magazine!

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