Monday, June 30, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update June 30 '08

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for June 30, 2008:

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June 30, 2008: In the Garden of Iden


Hmmm. I see yesterday's post engendered a fair amount of panic in fandom land. Sorry. I was in an introspective mood for a number of reasons and I wanted to put things into perspective. Too often, supporters of a show are left in the dark concerning the realities of film and television production and I just wanted to make sure you were all informed because, quite frankly, as supporters of this franchise for so many years, I thought you deserved to know that, often, a show's fate is not as cut and dried as one would thing. Now, given everything that was covered in yesterday's entry, what most failed to note was my reference to SG-1's impressive and surprising 10-year run.

Way back when, we assumed it wouldn't make it past a fifth season - and it did. Boy, did it ever. Things look more hopeful on the Atlantis front however, especially given its ratings (and, as I mentioned in yesterday's comments section, particularly in key demos). And if this uptrend in the ratings continues, it will certainly go a long way
toward making a case for a sixth season pick-up. Still, in spite of what some may assume, that decision is still a long way off. Come mid-season, I believe we'll have a pretty fair idea of how things will play out. Until then - rally the troops and help get the word out! Give 'em a damn good reason to pick us up!

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