Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Behind the Scenes: The Seed

From MGM Stargate:

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Behind the Scenes: The Seed

July 24, 2008 (Episodes)

As Stargate Atlantis’ fifth season gets underway, Dr. Keller finds herself in a life-or-death situation!

A brief excerpt:

Actress Jewel Staite is no stranger to the odd things that a performer can be asked to do as part of a science fiction television program. After all, she not only starred in Firefly, but her first introduction to the Pegasus galaxy was as a young Wraith. For the episode ‘The Seed’, however, she found herself in an even stranger environment, as Jennifer Keller finds herself infected with an alien organism. “I knew there was going to be prosthetics involved, which made me nervous, because that means a lot of early mornings!” says the actress with a laugh, remembering her initial reaction to the script. “But they assured me it wasn’t going to be too bad. And I actually really liked the fact that I was able to go to a dark place. That was fun – I haven’t had to do that too much with Keller yet, and that was exciting for me.”

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