Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela Answers Questions - PLUS Videos & Photos!

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for July 24, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update, and to view the NEW behind-the-scenes videos and photos [in their original full-size and high-resolution formats] from Stargate Atlantis production at the site.)

Carter at the Midway Station - BEFORE

July 24, 2008: Stargate Atlantis Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela answers your questions. And he brought treats!

Carter at the Midway Station - AFTER

Well, as promised, Stargate Atlantis Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela is joining us - and he's come bearing gifts. In addition to fielding your questions, he has included some pics and videos of various VFX shots, from temp to finished versions. I'm sure you'll agree that both his write-up and accompanying visuals offer a very
interesting peek at the VFX-making process.

(Please follow the link for Mark Savela's q&a's. There are a ton of them!)




Note: I'm working my way backwards, so if you posted a question over the past few days, I'll get around to it. Well, I'll get around to re-reading it anyway.

Muddypiddypop writes: "If an actor wants to go a certain way with a line or how he or she presents themselves in a scene, and it is not how the director sees it, how is that worked out."

Answer: We try to be as accommodating as possible and will discuss any concerns anyone may have with the script. Just recently, Bob Picardo phoned me up and asked if he could make three slight alterations to some Woolsey scenes. He pitched them out and I thought they were great. It's very rare that we arrive at a situation where there is strong disagreement. If someone wants something changed for a good reason, there's no reason why he/she couldn't make the change. If, on the other hand, there is a good reason why the change shouldn't be made, the producer or director will explain why. Hopefully, at the end of the day, reason prevails.



Trish writes: "Allie really wants to know a) when will Whispers air? and b) Will it be up there with Stephen King type suspence?"

Answer: Sorry, I don't have a schedule handy, but I believe it will be airing sometime in mid-August. As for whether it will be up there with Stephen King - Hey, I don't think anyone gets close to the master of suspense. That's why he's the King.


The Last Man

Jess writes: "Just wondering, who's idea was it to put a photo of Daniel in Sam and Jack's "imaginary" wedding in Sam's office in Atlantis? Because I'm just thinking, how can you have a picture from a wedding that never took place?"

Answer: Presumably Daniel wore that tux to at least one other event in his life. That photo was snapped at that event.

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