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Stargate: Infinity - Stargate Planet: Interview with Mark Hildreth

At Stargate Planet:



Interview with Mark Hildreth

Stargate-Planet, September 2008

Mark Hildreth was born on January 24th, 1978 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. On Stargate:Infinity he is the voice of "R. J. Harrison" and we're grateful that he agreed to take some time off his busy schedule to answer a few career related questions for our German website visitors.

A brief excerpt: On "Stargate:Infinity", you were the voice of the character "R.J. Harrison". Did you have to audition? How did you prepare?
MH: I think I did audition for this one, and had a great time every day working with the awesome actors on the series. Anything you remember from working on Stargate:Infinity? Was it taped in Vancouver? How long did it take to take one episode?
MH: We would usually record one episode in about 4 hours, we recorded at Koko Studios in Vancouver Canada. I remember Dale Wilson, who is a very good voice-over actor whom I've known and worked with for many years, taking charge and leading a great cast. How was working together with James Byrnes on Stargate:Infinity? Which character did he voice-over?
MH: Jim is an old friend, and he recently sang with me on my new album entitled Complex State Of Attachment. I am a pop/R&B singer/songwriter, and I had the great honor of working with Jim on my album - you can hear it at Jim is a great guy, and was, as always, a real pro when we worked together on Stargate Infinity.

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