Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sanctuary - SciFi Magazine Oct '08 Issue - Damian Kindler Interview

From SciFi Magazine's October 2008 issue, page 26:



"We're going to lots of places and meeting lots of different types of abnormals," says creator and executive producer Damian Kindler. "We're going to go capture witches in Scotland. We're going to try to transport a deadly creature across the Himalayas in a plane, and that's not going to work out so well [laughs]. We're going to bring some stuff back from the Amazon that grows in our Sanctuary out of control. We're going to go the catacombs underneath Rome and deal with vampires."

According to Kindler, they take license with things that are recognizable. "Vampires as something extinct but that were once potentially even a boon to the progress of civilization. So that is part of the show, that reinvention of either legend or myth or even revisionist history to spice up the stew."

In upcoming episdes, "Magnus and Will's relationship evolves from episode to episode. That they really do challenge each other, support each other, have moments of doubt with each other, but they really are meant to work together. He really is the protege she's been waiting for 100 years, and I think every episode he proves why. I think that's also born because of the amazing chemistry between Robin Dunne and Amanda Tapping. It's just like they've already six seasons of TV together, the way they naturally connect," says Kindler. As for Magnus' daugher, Ashley, "she does go through hell," he says. 'Her relationship with her mother is completely rocked to the core because very, very sensitive and powerful information comes to light that Magnus has been hiding from her ... She does get some really juicy stuff to play, but she also does a lot of cool ass-kicking, she shoots stuff, blows stuff up, and fights and gets quippy."

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