Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stargate - SciFi Now Magazine Issue # 23

At Imagine Publishing:


Officially on sale 24th December, SciFiNow issue 23 is the latest issue of the UK's fastest growing and biggest science fiction magazine. Here's a small taster of what's in store in our huge 148 page issue.


• Our news this month brings you the word on Twilight's odd success at the box office, the lowdown on the best films coming your way soon, and a look at the ratings challenge of science fiction and television as a whole.

• Our gigantic 2009 preview brings you in-depth looks at Coraline, Dollhouse and The Spirit, featuring interviews with the cast and crew of all three.

• We talk to Dave Filoni, the supervising director of Star Wars: Clone Wars, about the series, Star Wars games, and the legacy of Lucas.

• We also talk to Jeph Loeb about his career in comics.

• SciFiNow sits down with David X Cohen and chats Futurama.

• Ever wondered if...? We give our dream cast for a proposed remake of Total Recall.

• The most trustworthy reviews of the latest film and DVD releases.

• A wealth of book, comic and graphic novel reviews.

• Look at the size of that thing! An exhaustively geeky guide to Star Wars: A New Hope, a look at the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise and a retro special on The Creature From The Black Lagoon lead our signature Timewarp section.

• The Fanboys section continues to cover all the hottest convention and memorabilia news, including the shiniest collector's guide to Firefly in the 'Verse.

• We nitpick our way through The Island.

• Our history of literary sci-fi this month has an in depth look at Frank Herbert.

• Also included, our indispensable guide to this month's essential sci-fi viewing.

• And all you could want from the UK's premiere science fiction, horror, fantasy and cult magazine.

Memories have been wiped, and issue 23 schmoozes its way into all good newsagents on 24th December 2008! Merry Christmas!

Those lucky enough to be subscribers will have made a huge 30% saving, so why not pop on over to our eShop.

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