Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks - SciFi Talk: Download Audio Interview

[NOTE: 'Living out Loud' will be repeated Friday, May 8 at 9:00PM and Sunday, May 17 at 9:00PM on The Hallmark Channel.]

From SciFi Talk:

Wed, 29 April 2009

Michael Shanks

Michael plays the husband of Gail O'Grady in Living Out Loud which deals with Breast Cancer and the effects on a family. Michael also chats up any new Stargate movies and looks back on the first two. He even looks ahead to Stargate Universe. Music is by Vincent Leeds. Special thanks to Feldman of Hallmark Channel. Visit the official site.

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NOTE: 'Living Out Loud' airs Sunday, May 2 at 9pm on The Hallmark Channel.

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