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Stargate Universe - Stargate Official Magazine Issue #28

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Five years of Stargate: Atlantis

An interview with Stargate: Atlantis writer Martin Gero is one of the highlights of the latest issue of Stargate Magazine, which looks back at five memorable seasons of the show over 100 pages. Here, Gero reminisces on the very early days:
“Brotherhood was the first one where it was my idea and I had to go figure it out. It was phenomenally complex. They all laughed because they knew how difficult it would be. I was young, stupid, and had a lot of time on my hands.”

Plus, we look to the future with all the latest buzz on Stargate Universe – check out below for all the details.


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Bold New Directions: Stargate Universe

The latest Stargate spin-off, Stargate Universe – set to launch on the SCI FI Channel this fall – is now in production. In the latest issue of Stargate Magazine, we present a Beginner’s Guide to everything we know so far about the new show, from the concept to the cast. Co-producer Brad Wright explains the show’s genesis: “It has to feel like Stargate and it has to feel new. That’s the balance you have to maintain, and that’s the challenge. To put it in the simplest terms, if we had ever just done SG-2 as a series it would never have worked. It’s not the CSI model.”

Man of Many Worlds: Ryan Robbins

We talk to one of the most in-demand faces in sci-fi in the latest issue of Stargate Magazine – Ryan Robbins, the actor behind Stargate: Atlantis’ Ladon Radim and Sanctuary’s very different Henry Foss. He tells us about Ladon’s brush with death, and reveals why he will be forever grateful to director Martin Wood. Plus, we spend some time with the legendary Robert Davi. The actor behind John Sheppard’s nemesis, Genii menace Acastus Kolya, talks bad guys, song and dance routines, and The Goonies.

Virtually Possible: Mark Savela

We continue to take you behind-the-scenes on the final unforgettable season of Stargate: Atlantis in the latest issue. Visual effects genius Mark Savela completes his season five highlights in his own words, talking us through the challenges and achievements of Remnants through to Enemy at the Gate. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered what goes in to creating a Wraith, or aging Joe Flanigan, you’ll find the answers in the latest issue. Todd Masters, the physical effects mastermind of the whole Stargate franchise, reveals the tricks of his trade.


Fantastic Journey

After 100 episodes over five seasons, and more fantastic moments than we can count, Stargate: Atlantis has seen its last credits roll. In the latest issue, the cast and crew of the show join us as we take a look back at the journey from SG-1 spin-off to 100 episodes – and some of those brilliant moments in between.


Advanced Telemetry

All the latest news from the worlds of Stargate.

Stargate Fiction: By Way of the Stars

Check out the first part of a dramatic trilogy featuring SG-1, by Suzanne Wood.

Top 10 episodes

It was not easy, but we’ve made our choice of ten of the very finest Stargate: Atlantis episodes to grace our screens.

Classic Episode: Beast of Burden

A detailed look back at the season five episode in which Jack and Daniel free the Unas from slavery.

Zalenka’s Journal

Peer inside the mind of one of Atlantis’ greatest scientists, Dr Radek Zalenka.

Level 28 quiz

Think you know your Stargate trivia. Test yourself against out special Stargate: Atlantis quiz.

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