Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fringe - TV Guide Magazine Online: Leonard Nimoy Interview

From TV Guide Magazine Online:

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A Fresh Enterprise

By William Keck May 11, 2009

... [J.J.] Abrams was equally emotional when, last month, he persuaded the series-shy star to watch—and then appear in—a few episodes of Fringe, which he’d never seen. “I never in my wildest dreams thought he would do it,” says Abrams. “We didn’t think we were going to get him for ‘Star Trek,’ let alone Fringe. But then we were editing ‘Star Trek’ and the William Bell question came up, and Leonard was sitting next to us and a light went off.”

Nimoy’s eyes sparkle as he recalls Abrams’ pitch: “He said, ‘We’ve got this character who is enormously wealthy, powerful and very intelligent, who was once the partner of one of our other characters [Walter Bishop]. There’s an aura of ambiguity to him. We don’t know exactly what his intentions are, but he may be behind a very negative force...’”

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