Monday, May 4, 2009

Medium - Reminder: Two-Hour Episode May 4 '09

Just a reminder, Medium begins an hour earlier on Monday, May 4 '09 at 9pm, as 'How to Make a Killing in Big Business,' is a two-hour episode tonight, and actually concludes with a third hour next week!

Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois

Also, tonight's Medium episode is on TV Guide Online's TV Hot List:

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, May 4, 2009


9 pm/ET NBC

Allison means business in a two-hour spellbinder tonight. (The conclusion airs next week.) Allison resigns from her post at the DA's office when she's lured by a fellow psychic (Tracy Pollan) to work at a vast and formidable corporation. The lavish, big-money corporate lifestyle enraptures Allison, yet she's also haunted by visions of a serial killer's murderous fury in Phoenix. Then there's her new boss (David Morse), a territorial company bigwig who forbids Allison from sharing her dreams with anyone else — including crimefighters Devalos and Scanlon. In DuBois family affairs, Ariel begins taking pills, hoping they'll block out her ghostly visions. — Dean Maurer


carlo said...

I got pleasure to read about Medium Episodes. This is a nice show and I have watched its many episodes from this link which is given here.

morjana said...


Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy Medium. It's one of my favorite TV series as well.

Best wishes, Morjana