Monday, May 4, 2009

Supernatural - SF Universe: Misha Collins Interview

At SF Universe:

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Ten Minutes with Supernatural’s Misha Collins

by Cynthia on May 4th, 2009

It’s been nearly a year since we were introduced to Supernatural’s first angel in residence, Castiel. With his unblinking stare and deep, humorless voice, he’s been guiding Dean Winchester down a biblical path that’s leading them all straight into the ultimate maelstrom known as the apocalypse.

But when the director yells cut, Castiel falls away and in his place stands the witty and charming Misha Collins, fitting in on the Supernatural set as if he’d been there since day one.

Listen in as Misha Collins talks to me about body swaps, the fear of God and his recent dual role as both Castiel and the human vessel he calls home.

A brief excerpt:

... Cyn: Last week’s episode “The Rapture,” was a total tour de force for you, wasn’t it? How hard was it to play two different characters in the same episode?
Misha: It was a challenge on a couple of levels. I needed to really flush out a distinct character [for Jimmy] that was going to have different physical, vocal, and personality traits so that there was going to be a clear distinction between him and Castiel. It was a challenge to stay on top of exactly where I was in the story, because there were flashbacks and different arcs for each of the characters, so there was a lot going on that required me to be attentive. It was interesting and I enjoyed it. Maybe next season I could ask Eric to let me play all the characters . . .


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