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NCIS - TV Guide Magazine Online: Michael Weatherly Interview

At TV Guide Magazine Online:

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Michael Weatherly Speaks!

by Chris Willman May 03, 2009

After toying with fans for the last four seasons, NCIS is finally making the most of the relationship between Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo)--or "Tiva," as it’s been dubbed on fan boards--for the sixth season’s multi-part final arc. You can read more about the Tony-and-Ziva developments in TV Guide Magazine’s cover story, on sale Thursday. Here, we spend time catching up with Weatherly for this exclusive bonus Q&A. (Warning: Abandon all reverence, ye who enter here.)

A brief excerpt:

NCIS is an underdog. Which seems strange to say about a show that has recently been the top scripted series on TV. Yet that popularity happened gradually, so not everyone noticed. And it definitely doesn’t get the media attention a lot of far lesser-rated shows that have exclusively youthful demographics do.
It’s weird. When I went to Australia two years ago, it was like an episode of The Monkees. You had people screaming out of buses. And the demographic there is 18 to 25--it’s a “young” show. In France, it’s like being in the Beatles. You go down the street, and they think it’s the most exciting thing in the world. It’s nutty! And now in the U.S., partly because of the constant reruns on the USA Network, it’s getting more of that kind of traction. But by no means, like you’re saying, does it have that kind of massive-show feeling. And yet with the numbers and everything else, it is a massive show. The popularity of NCIS is a little bit like when you meet a very, very wealthy person, but he drives a Subaru and insists on parking around the corner instead of using the valet.

NCIS airs Tuesday at 8pm on CBS.

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