Monday, May 4, 2009

Stargate SG-1's Ben Browder - GateWorld: Browder answers ‘Freeze Frame’ questions

At GateWorld:

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Browder answers ‘Freeze Frame’ questions

Monday, May 4

GateWorld gets the exclusive lowdown from Ben Browder about his new pro-veteran film currently in development.

Shortly after GateWorld interviewed Ben Browder (“Colonel Cameron Mitchell”) at the end of 2008, we received word of a new project he is starring in. “Freeze Frame” will tell the tale of two traumatized war veterans trying to end their lives, and Browder will play a pivotal role.

The YouTube video, a precursor to the full film, has garnered some attention, and despite the film’s early stage of development we wanted to hear more from Ben about the part.

A brief excerpt:

GW: How has the YouTube viral video been received? What kind of comments have you heard?
BB: The comments that I’ve heard — and my comments are fairly limited to the people that I know — I guess surprised me. Most of the people that [I know who] watched it cried when they watched it. And if people had a negative response to it they didn’t tell me.

Those people’s opinions I value greatly were touched and moved by the piece. It was nice to know that the piece had the power and the potency that I felt when I read it. It made it to the small screen like that.


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