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Hellboy 2 - Total SciFi: Ron Perlman Interview

From Total SciFi:

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Posted on Wednesday 06 August 2008

Ron Perlman: Red heat

Ron Perlman is back in action as the big, cranky red demon in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and it’s about time. The long-awaited sequel reunites Perlman with writer-director Guillermo del Toro, and pits our hero against Prince Nuada (Luke Goss), a baddie with a fiendish plot to rule Earth from above and below. Ian Spelling recently spoke with Perlman about The Golden Army and his other upcoming sci-fi and horror projects, including The Mutant Chronicles, Bunraku and – just possibly - The Hobbit.

It was great to see Roy Dotrice in Hellboy II…

There are two guys in the world I call “Pops”. Roy is one of them, because he played Father during my old Beauty and the Beast days. And one is John Hurt, because he plays Father in the Hellboy series. They were both on this movie, though I had nothing to do with either of them.

I was thrilled Guillermo had them come in. I considered it a personal gift because they’re two of the most beautiful men I’ve ever worked with or known in life. Roy and I didn’t have any scenes together in Hellboy II, but we intersected in Budapest and we went out and had a lot of dinners and a really good time. I passed over a lot of my team to him, the people who’d worked closely with me on make-up, wardrobe, etc. So he got treated in high fashion once he started work.

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