Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - NEW Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Whispers' - Plus, Gary Jones Guest Stars in 'Enemy at the Gate'

At Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for August 31, 2008:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update, and to view the NEW behind the scenes photos from Stargate Atlantis' 'Whispers,' plus a new food weird food purchase video.)

August 31, 2008: The Blue Screen of Death, A Horrific Crime and the Likely Suspects, The Weird Food Purchase of the Day - Guest Edition

I would seem my laptop is not long for this world. Twice, yesterday, I fell victim to the blue screen of death. One second, I'm copy and pasting the day's blog entry into the wordpress window and, the next, my computer is rebooting. I ended up spending most of last night watching Mad Men while I backed up two year's worth of blog entries, scripts, pics, videos, and contacts. It was while I was going through
my photo archive that I discovered a whack o' Whispers snaps I was holding back on, some of which I've posted today, plenty more of which I'll be posting in the days ahead.


And another reminder that if you read The Church of Dead Girls and have a question for author Stephen Dobyns, let's seem 'em. Allie, this means you!

Today's video: The return of The Weird Food Purchase of the Day. In this installment, guest eater Carl Binder samples ox-tail.

Mailbag catch-up:

GrapesofWraith writes: "A quick question - do the stairs at the end of the video lead up to the production offices, or are they in a different building?"
Answer: Yes, they do. The stairs let out onto a corridor. Take a left, and it will take you down past accounting to the art department. Take a right and you'll hit a door (see the production offices walk-thru vid).

Anais33 a ecrit: "Pourquoi ne jamais répondre a mes questions? Vous n m'aimez pas?"
Reponse: Si vous avez envoyer votre question, j'ai pu l'avoir manqué. Si vous avez une question, Il est plus facile pour moi à repondre a vos questions ici.
Translation: If you're looking to get a question answered, post them here instead of sending me an email.

Ben writes: "And also where do we sit in terms of getting another SG1 movie?"
Answer: If all goes as planned, we should be filming both the SGA movie and the third SG-1 around the same time next year.

PG15 writes: "Good to know we'll get to see the SGC one last time before the Atlantis series…*sniff*…finishes. Does that mean we'll see Walter too?"
Answer: Yes, Walter will put in an appearance before the series ends.

NIMBUS writes: "I'm wondering why the Destiny crew won't be able to land on the new planet and use its Stargate to send a rescue team to a previously visited planet?"
Answer: I can't wait to find out the answer myself.

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