Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stargate Atlantis - GateWorld: Bill Nye Audio Interview

At GateWorld:


GateWorld talks with Bill Nye

It was only a matter of time before Stargate paid homage to some of today's greatest leaders in the world of science. But we wouldn't have guessed they would be appearing as themselves!

Bill Nye, known to more recent generations as "The Science Guy," guest-starred in a special episode of Atlantis's fifth season along with friend and colleague Neil deGrasse Tyson in the episode "Brain Storm."

The episode, prominently featured on Earth, dared to address real-world issues. We expand on those thoughts in our exclusive interview with Nye, talking not only about the episode, but climate change. Bill also tells us about his earliest memories of getting involved in science, his buddy Robert Picardo ("Richard Woolsey"), and being on the cusp of several technological leaps in his field.

GateWorld's interview with Bill Nye runs 38 minutes. Listen online at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or subscribe now to the iTunes podcast! The full interview is also transcribed [at the link above].

A brief excerpt:

GW: Had you seen Stargate Atlantis before "Brain Storm?" Had you seen any Stargate?
BN: Oh yes, yes. But let me say, I was not obsessively obsessed. I watched it now and then. But then since I was on, or since a few weeks before I was on I watch 'em all. Those Wraith, they're trouble man. Trouble! I guess their commander's a thoughtful guy but they really are trouble. It's a small galaxy.

GW: It is, it is. From your perspective, how real is the Stargate as a concept? Is it pure fiction, or is there some truth behind it?
BN: Well, the word truth ... there's a lot of good astrophysical speculation behind it. Is it true? [Laughter] That's a whole other ... This idea that you can fall into a black hole, a place with so much gravity that you end up in another part of the universe at another time is quite charming, but so far from what we know about black holes you would die.

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