Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stargate: Universe - First Day of Production

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for February 18, 2009:

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February 18, 2009: First Day of Production

Today marked the start of production on Stargate: Universe and, while most were down on Stage 3 watching/participating in the action, I was up in the production offices, pacing the corridors as I’m wont to do when working on a script revision. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Until, finally, I’ve made the last note on my script and I can return to my office to implement the changes. By the time I handed the memory stick off the Lawren, it was lunch time.

All indications are things are going swimmingly on set. Brad [Wright] and Rob [Cooper] are very happy with what they saw today and I look forward to checking out the first batch of dailies tomorrow. Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok had a conversation with Robert Carlyle and can’t say enough good things about the man. After lunch, I swung by the trailers to say hello to our guest star. We ended up chatting away until we got the call from set. Just like old times. It made me kind of nostalgic.

Well, everything is still super-secret under-wraps from now until ... whenever the studio decides it isn’t. We were all issued official personal copies of the script with our own names emblazoned on every page. Presumably this is to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands but I really feel the need to point out that, from my ten year experience working with the franchise, the problem has never been copies of the script getting out but fans having access to the breakdown services used by casting directors and actors. Still, it’s all very James Bond and fun for some, so who am I to complain? That said, it would have been even cooler had the actual script been delivered in one of those metal briefcases we could handcuff to our wrists. Bonus points if they self-destructed if somebody entered the wrong combination.

All this to say, yes, I’ve got lots of pics but no, I won’t be posting them just yet. Alas, not sure when either. Until then, however, I’m lining up some terrific Stargate-related fan Q&A sessions that I’ll be announcing in the coming weeks

And speaking of coming announcements, many of you are wondering when the hell I’m going to go public with the official press release concerning our female cast members. The answer: I’m not. I have absolutely nothing to do with how or when the studio or network choose to proceed on this one. They may decide to release a simple statement on their official website or could, instead, choose to breaks the news by having one of those barnstorming crop dusters spell the names out in the skies of Los Angeles. I’d personally go with the latter - but that’s why I’m writing scripts and not working in publicity.


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