Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stargate - Hub Productions: Australian Con DVD

At Hub Productions:

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Stargate DVD

Price: $55.00 [probably Australian $ - in US $ that would be roughly $50]


The biggest Stargate Convention Package ever assembled!

After over 6 months in production, The Hub Productions and Turncoat Studios are very proud to present a souvenir DVD package like no other: a four disc souvenir DVD set spanning across all three Stargate television shows!

Featuring coverage from four different conventions, from Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Stargate 2010 contains over 15 hours of footage that you will not see anywhere else from a huge line-up of guests including:

Ben Browder
Claudia Black
Michael Shanks
Chris Judge
Dan Shea
Joe Flanigan
Paul McGillion
Jason Momoa
David Nykl
Connor Trinneer
Christopher Heyerdahl

David Blue

With so much content from so many guests, this DVD package is spilling over with highlights such as Dan Shea and Chris Judge going head to head in a shirtless push-ups competition; Joe Flanigan tackling a very surprised Paul McGillion and Jason Momoa; Michael Shanks auctioning off the shirt of his back to charity; Connor Trinneer and David Nykl arguing the science behind who would win in a fight between astronauts and cavemen; Chris Judge pretending not to know who David Blue is; and Ben Browder and Claudia Black being joined on stage by their Farscape co-star Gigi Edgley. Stargate 2010 is loaded with these and other unforgettable highlights and is the ultimate companion for any die-hard Stargate fan.

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