Friday, September 26, 2008

Sanctuary / Stargate - Channel Guide: From "Stargate" To "Sanctuary"

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From "Stargate" To "Sanctuary"

Amanda Tapping Loves Her Fans.

By Elaine Bergstrom

It's 4pm in Vancouver and Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping has already put in a full day on the set. After our interview, she'll be heading back to work for a few more hours. This type of schedule has been par for the course for Tapping since she began working as both producer and star of Sanctuary, which premieres Oct. 3 on SCI FI Channel. Still, she gave me plenty of time as we talked about the genre she loves, the fans she adores and the fun of filming in Canada, the country the British-born actress now calls home.

...What will you do on the web?
AT: "At this stage, we would start the social networking aspect of it -- get the fans involved with games. And then, if the show is a success, we can carry it forward and make the web a separate entity. I would love to see Magnus walking down a corridor in Sanctuary and sort of look toward a door but not open it, and then on the web have the fans able to open that door and see things they won't see on television. We'd make it an interactive experience."

I love your website and your interaction with fans. There seems to be a much closer relationship between sci-fi fans and their stars than there is with mainstream series.
AT: "I cannot say enough about sci-fi fans. I have never met a more stalwart, focused, supportive group of fans in any genre. Part of it is the social networking. They're really an active group. Stargate lasted 10 years and I attribute it to the fans and to the fact that they stuck by us. I don't do a lot of conventions, but I do smaller ones, and it's a great way to say thank you to them. They really are an incredible group. It makes taking a big leap of faith -- like leaving the Stargate franchise to jump on to Sanctuary -- easier by knowing there is this groundswell of fans to support it..."

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