Monday, August 4, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Cinema Spy: Exclusive Rachel Luttrell Interview

From Cinema Spy:

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Exclusive Interview: Rachel Luttrell

'Atlantis' actress on motherhood and becoming a queen

By Blaine Kyllo | Monday, August 4, 2008

Rachel Luttrell, who plays the warrior princess Teyla Emmagan on Stargate Atlantis, is full of a boundless joy that spilled from her when she sat down with a table of journalists at Vancouver's Bridge Studios in May. Her energy and enthusiasm seemed at odds with the fact that she’s a new mother. Her character becomes pregnant in Season 4 of the series in part because Luttrell herself became pregnant.

Luttrell talked about Teyla’s journey, her own journey, and how the two have at times crossed. She also discussed how life has changed on set with a baby on board.

A brief excerpt:

Question: I like all the scenes with Ronon. I hope you get more.

Rachel Luttrell: Yeah, I hope so, too. We have fun. This season we’ve had a few moments.

CinemaSpy: What’s the connection? There’s a distinct connection between Teyla and Ronon. What is that for you? It’s more than simply being the outsiders. There’s more to it than that.

Rachel Luttrell: The short answer would be that the two of them are truthfully the only people who have any kind of historical - the two of them share a lot of the same kind of history, and childhood references, and even though they didn’t grow up in the same cultures, they grew up in this galaxy and so I would imagine that they can share a lot of things with each other that perhaps the other people on the team wouldn’t necessarily understand. Also given the fact that the two of them are warriors, and of this realm that we occupy. It gives them a lot. And there is a familial thing going on with them as well.

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